The first instalment of The Akasha Chronicles
 launch date to be anounced...

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    Alhanna is devastated by the violent loss of her loving parents. Alone and submerged in a torturous grief she learns of an Inheritance. An estate in Northern Ireland, dominated by a monstrous Tower, what awaits inside may unlock her destiny. Yet a dark malevolent force pursues her as she begins on her journey of self discovery, into the world of the supernatural....... There stands a delicate balance between the five elements, one which is in constant turmoil. What has once been forgotten, will again emerge, like a whisper from afar playing upon the autumnal winds..... Akasha.
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    Book two
    Watch this space. A work in progress...
  3. 3
    Book three
    The conclusion of the Akasha Chronicles
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    Short Stories
    Alone This was the first short story I had written for long time. I wanted to do almost a study of loneliness, how it engulfs and drowns the rest of the world out. For Emilia I wrote this for my eldest daughter when she was no more than four. There is nothing more rewarding than nurturing a love of literature with your children.
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    Flash Fiction
    Dark Spaces I wrote this between my first and second Draft of Inheritance. It's a concise blast of an inner battle for self control. 10/07/13 I wrote this after having a miscarriage when fifteen weeks pregnant. I am lucky enough to have three amazing children and a fourth on the way. There are still no words that will ever express well enough the grief and loss of a lost life.